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Recliner options

Whether you prefer to power down at the end of a day at the touch of a button or launch yourself into relaxation with the flick of a lever, La-Z-Boy UK has the product for you. Most La-Z-Boy UK products are available in either manual recline, power recline or static options, so you can choose the right option to match your lifestyle.

Power recline - The power to recline at the touch of a button

Powered back and leg rest adjustable to any position
Synchronous operation feature allows leg rest to raise whilst reclining back
Smooth and effortless operation moves from sitting to fully-reclined in seconds
Quiet and stable base provides consistent reclining operation
Exclusive La-Z-Boy back support fully supports lower back in all positions

Manual recline (latch release) - Manual reclining controlled by you

Manual back rest adjustable to any position
Independent operation allows leg rest to raise without reclining back
Fluid and smooth transition from sitting to fully-reclined
Manually-controlled reclining function

Rocker recliner - A manual recliner designed to rock you into a dreamy state

Gentle reclining function offering three comfortable positions
Independently-controlled back recline
Twelve ratchet system offering 18 different comfort levels

Lift ‘n' Rise recliner - Exclusively designed to ease you gently into a sitting or standing position

Unique frame-in-frame design with nil entrapment, offering the ultimate in safety and stability
Independently-controlled back and leg rest
Easy-to-use control functions
Power-assisted standing, sitting and recline functions
Battery back-up offering peace of mind during a power failure
Triple motor function offering optimum performance and support



Available Ranges